Heat Pump Water System

For any household in Australia, hot water system is a crucial part of their life. With changes in seasons, it will be very difficult to survive a winter and spring without a fully functioning water pump. But this appliance will bring an extra cost that will be reflected on your energy bills. This is why […]

Vinegar for Cleaning

With the majority of the cleaning chemicals being hazardous to the users, many people are now turning to user-friendly products. Some natural cleaning product recipes have been passed down from older generations, but many are surrounded by myths. Actually, this is one of the reasons why most people shy away from using homemade solutions. They […]

About Bathroom Steam

This question doesn’t really relate to drain cleaning, but it’s still an interesting one. Whilst we were out clearing a blocked drain last week a customer of ours asked us, and we thought you might like to know too. While it’s a simple answer it can be a little tricky to explain and understand the […]

Professional Plumber

Most homeowners are used to undertaking various DIY plumbing projects from time to time. There are certain easy projects, which you can attend on your own, such as a leaky faucet, a clogged drain or installing a new shower head. Such projects can be completed within a few hours. However, there are certain times when […]

Blocked Drains and Pipes

Mature trees add shade and beauty to landscapes. They also act as windbreakers, shielding buildings and other property from wind damage. However, their root systems can cause huge damage to drainage pipes. In fact, tree roots are one of the main common causes of drain damage, deterioration, and blockage. Most people fail to identify any […]

DIY drain cleaning

Drains can get clogged over time due to debris, silt, and other minerals that harden and accumulate inside the pipes. This buildup can slow the flow of water and even lead to water damage, causing inconvenience and costly repairs. To avoid these situations, the drains must be always free of clogs, and the best way […]

loud pipes causing a disturbance

It is a common problem to have noisy pipes when the water pressure is turned on or off. This banging or “hammering” can be very disruptive and annoying, not only for you but in extreme cases, also for your neighbours. We spoke with our friends at LJM Plumbing to find out more about how to […]

plumbing questions

Ever wondered what actually goes on when you have a plumber turn up at your door? Many homeowners have no idea what is actually going on behind the scenes, so we decided to put this together so you have some sort of idea how it all works. Plumbing. It’s been with us since Roman times […]