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    The team at Drain Cleaning Brisbane have been clearing blocked drains of tree roots and debris, and replacing collapsed and damaged pipes for over 15 years. With the use of the latest high-tech plumbing equipment, over a decade's experience cleaning clogged up drains, and a friendly go-getter attitude, our professional plumbers can solve your drainage issues almost immediately. If you're having an issue with water backing up in your sink, shower or tub, or your drains are not performing like they should; give us a call and find out how we can help sort out your blockage.

    tree roots blocking up a pipeHow Drain Cleaning Works

    • Step one is to unblock the drain. Hydrojetting uses high pressure water to cut tree roots and dislodge piping blockages. Hydrojetting also flushes out sand, silt and even concrete debris.
    • Step two is to identify the cause of the blockage. Once the drain is unblocked, an inspection by camera is possible. We use the latest digital camera equipment to view the cause of the blockage whether it be a cracked pipe or tree roots. We can easily record the entire inspection.
    • Sometimes a blockage is severe or the pipe has been damaged so badly that a repair is the only option. Using the locator we can pinpoint the area that requires repair and dig up and rectify the issue with minimal mess. Drain repairs should not be put off as they often lead to backflow issues which can damage your home.

    Sewerjett jetterWhat is Hydrojetting?

    Hydrojetting or jet rodding is the method of using a high pressure water jet to cut through blockages including tree roots, grease, silt and solid blockages. The water is pumped to pressures up to 5000 PSI using a petrol motor. The high pressure water is then pumped through a hose which is deployed in to the drain. The end of the hose has an attachment that shoots a stream of water forwards to clear the path ahead. At the same time the attachment is also shooting streams of water behind it which is what propels the hose through the pipes. There are many different attachments that can be fitted to the hose that correspond to the type and size of the pipe as well as the suspected blockage type. Hydrojetting is simply the most modern and efficient way to clear a blocked drain.