About Us

Drain Cleaning Brisbane is a home services company in Australia that specializes in household services such as plumbing, conditioning, drain cleaning, water, and sewer line repairs and replacement. Under our business umbrella, we also have several retail outlets within Brisbane that specialise in selling various fittings and supplies. Thousands of home and business owners have relied on our services since our inception in 1995. Our licensed professionals can provide efficient drain cleaning services and emergency response to clogged drains. We also offer our services around the clock, 24/7, therefore anytime is the right time to call us. Our rates are competitive and pocket-friendly. Quality of service is guaranteed.

Why You Should Choose Drain Cleaning Brisbane

Quality and reliable services are amongst the many reasons why we have remained relevant in this industry, as well as:

  • We operate 24/7 for fast support
  • All our professionals are licensed
  • Our team is friendly and uniformed
  • We guarantee high quality workmanship
  • We take pride in what we do

If you experience a slow or clogged drain, we are always available to provide you with the best solution. Drain Cleaning Brisbane uses the best equipment and latest technology to restore good flow to your drains, all within a quick response time. Some of the drain cleaning services includes:

Emergency Plumbing

  1. Utility room drains: Floors of the basements and utility rooms are prone to an accumulation of debris, dirt and other waste that can lead to clogging. These may cause poor drainage and potential flooding of your home.
  2. Kitchen drains: An unwanted blockage may occur in your kitchen due to deposits of fats, soaps, grease, and foods that are washed down the drain, sticking on the inner pipe walls. Our team can fix this problem quickly and efficiently.
  3. Bathroom drains: soap and jelly applicants are the main cause of blockage in bathroom drains. Other blocking agents include toilet paper, toothpaste, and hair, resulting in serious plumbing issues in homes or other facilities with washrooms.

Other than providing jobs within the local community, Drain Cleaning Brisbane involves itself in several other activities that directly improve the lives of people locally. We have offered several scholarships to students in Brisbane and have also participated in clean-up activities around the city. For the last 20 years, we have been awarded five times as the best drain cleaning company in the city, as voted by the local public.


We strive to be the best, and to expand our services throughout the country, aiming to broaden our range of clients to higher levels and ultimately taking on government contracts cleaning sewer and water lines. We also aim to establish an institute that will offer training and development for individuals who are dedicated to a career in the plumbing industry, ensuring the right skillset is handed down to the students for future employment in the industry.


Always provide the best possible service at the most affordable rates, within the fastest response time. Strive to be the peoples preferred company of choice when it comes to problems like water clogging in their bathtubs, sinks, toilets and another drainage systems within their homes and businesses. Our goal is to leave every client with a feeling of satisfaction and trust, knowing they can rely on Drain Cleaning Brisbane for any drain needs.

Our Team

Thomas Walsh – Owner
Department: Management

Thomas WalshThomas is the founder of Drain Cleaning Brisbane. He was born in 1967 in Tasmania as the only boy in a family of three. Thomas has a Diploma in Domestic Plumbing and Heating from Melbourne Polytechnic where he graduated in 1988. He worked as a plumbing technician for nearly a decade before deciding to start his own drain clean services company in 1997. Thomas moved to Brisbane, and with the help of his father, he started a small company with three employees. Under his management, Drain Cleaning Brisbane has grown into one of the larger drain cleaning companies in Brisbane, employing numerous people. Employees thrive under Thomas’s guidance, and are encouraged to develop business skills as well as plumbing skils, with many starting their own companies or working at managerial levels within other organisations.

Charlie Mason – CEO
Department: Management

Charlie MasonCharlie is the CEO of Drain Cleaning Brisbane. He assumed this position 3 years ago after Thomas decided to delegate some of the duties to concentrate on other needs. David was born in 1970, has 4 siblings and grew up in Sydney. Charlie brings in more than 8 years as a manager and 7 years as CEO in other organisations. Charlie has an impeccable performance record throughout his career in the industry. He has been a valuable team member over the years and as CEO, has overseen huge positive growth within the company. Through Charlie’s efforts, Drain Cleaning Brisbane has risen to one of the leaders in drain cleaning services Australia wide.

Benjamin Hunter – Chief Technician
Department: Technician

Benjamin HunterBenjamin is the Head of Technicians at Drain Cleaning Brisbane. Managing such a large number of technicians isn’t easy, but Benjamin does this with perfection. As Head of Technicians, Benjamin is responsible for the organisation and delegation that results in the fastest possible response times for our clients. Benjamin was born in 1975 in Queensland where he undertook his childhood education. He graduated from St. Patrick Technical College with a Diploma in Plumbing in the year 2000. After gaining experience through several other companies, Benjamin joined us at Drain Cleaning Brisbane in 2010 as the head of technicians. His duties include organizing the technicians into teams and directing responses according to the customers’ call.

Residents of Brisbane and the surrounding regions have made the best choice when selecting Drain Cleaning Brisbane for their blockage, clogging and piping faults. Our team responds immediately to our customers and also guarantees affordable and efficient services. We have a friendly team that’s always ready to serve. You can never go wrong with Drain Cleaning Brisbane.

Blocked Drain Specialists

Drain Cleaning
Drain Cleaning Brisbane is your local SEQ drain cleaning company.  We are trusted and reliable. With over 15 years of drain cleaning experience we are your blocked drains specialists.  We understand the importance of a reliable service and guarantee a prompt response time.  Don’t hesitate to call and speak to one of our friendly technicians to discuss your drain cleaning requirements today.

All our licensed technicians are fully qualified and highly trained plumbers.  Our professional drain cleaners are always happy to discuss the job with you to arrive at the best possible solution. We pride ourselves on our customer service.  We operate efficiently and always clean up after ourselves leaving the area neat and tidy. We are fully licensed and insured with procedures in place to meet Occupational Health and Safety standards. We are fully equipped with all the lasted drain cleaning equipment so you can be confident that the job will be carried out properly.  We always work to the highest possible standard.

We service all of Brisbane and surrounding areas with staff located across Brisbane to ensure we can offer the most efficient service possible. We understand the inconvenience of blocked drains and can appreciate the difficulties this can cause in your home, rental property or place of business. We guarantee a prompt and reliable service. Once you contact us and make the phone call you can be assured we will take care of everything else. One of our technicians will organise at time and place to meet you and we will take care of the rest.

Alternately, just call us with the address of the job and we will take care of the rest, simple and stress free. The team here at Drain Cleaning Brisbane have been helping the residents of our wonderful city for years, and we have the skills, experience and tools to take care of your blocked drain issues whenever you need it too.