Blocked Drains Newstead

a map of Newstead and the surrounding suburbsNewstead is a riverside suburb of Brisbane, Queensland which is located just 3 kilometres north of the Brisbane Central Business District. The suburb’s north-west part around Breakfast Creek Road, is now mostly commercialized while the remaining parts of the area are primarily residential.

The eastern portion of Newstead was once dominated by industrial developments such as timber yards, asbestos factories, wharves and woolstores, but it is now an up-market residential community. The suburb also takes pride in having Brisbane’s oldest surviving home. The beautiful Newstead House was built in 1846 by Patrick Leslie and was sold to Captain John Clements Wickham in 1847. The home is set in a majestic location overlooking the creek and is just within walking distance from the renowned Breakfast Creek Hotel which has been described as “the very soul of Brisbane” with its grandiose Victorian architecture.

Suburbs in Brisbane usually have sprawling greenery which can commonly cause drainage blockages. Newstead is no different. Tree roots are one of the chief causes of drainage blockage here. They can enter a pipe through cracks which are caused by ground movement, fault or corrosion in materials used, improper installation, or because over time the size of tree roots that can easily damage even the sturdiest of pipes. Older suburbs such as this one, especially those with houses built before the 1980s usually have earthenware pipes that easily crack allowing tree roots to enter and causing severe drainage blockage.

If you are a resident of Newstead and is in need of assistance with a blocked drain, you can contact DCB at 07 3667 8003. We can come around and sort out your drainage issues immediately.