For any household in Australia, hot water system is a crucial part of their life. With changes in seasons, it will be very difficult to survive a winter and spring without a fully functioning water pump. But this appliance will bring an extra cost that will be reflected on your energy bills. This is why it’s prudent to choose the best product there is in the market. When selecting a new hot water heater for your home in Brisbane, you need a heating method that will not only provide hot water but also that do so efficiently and save you money. But this is never an easy task to most of the homeowners.

The fact that water heating accounts for almost a quarter of your household energy cost, you need to choose the optimum variety to save you money. It is, therefore, important to observe various factors before making a purchase. At Hot Water Brisbane, we have rounded up the most crucial information that you need to know before purchasing a new hot water system.

Available Options of Hot Water Systems

There are 4 main types of hot water systems, and they include the gas, electricity, heat pump and solar hot water systems. Each system comes with unique features, and that’s what makes them suitable or unsuitable for certain conditions. In this review, we are providing with an insight of each hot water heater and their main pro and cons to help you make the right decision.

Electric Hot Water System

Electric Hot Water Heater

Electric Hot Water System

This is the least water heater you should consider installing in Brisbane. As a matter of fact, they are obsolete in Australia due to their high cost of running and pollution. It is one the banned products that are gradually being phased out by the government due to their poor efficiency. Do not be tempted by their low pricing since it will end up costing you a lot in the long run.


  • Storage tank is cheaply available and costs less to install
  • You can run it on off peak electricity to cut on the power cost, but you need a larger tank to store hot water if it’s to be used in the next day.
  • It can produce hot water on demand
  • It is very cheap with price ranging at around $300


  • You need a huge water tank for this system.
  • It generates a lot of greenhouse emissions.
  • The monthly bills are very high
  • They are already banned and in some cases even illegal to install

Solar Hot Water System

Solar Hot Water System

Solar Hot Water Panels on Roof

If you’re looking for the most eco-friendly water heating system, then solar hot water system is a perfect choice. The initial cost may seem expensive, but you will enjoy its long-term benefits. In fact, it is the opposite of the electricity water heater. It’s priced at around $1500-$2500, but it will save a lot of money after 5 to 10 years of service. A solar hot water system is highly recommended for being environmentally-friendly and is by now the only system with the lowest impact on the environment. Do you know that a gas boosted solar can get you grants for government rebates? Yes, it’s the truth. But the amount will depend on your local council.


  • A 300L to 360L tank is enough for a family of four and a 4 square meter solar collection space. This is very little compared to the savings.
  • It is designed with gas or electric booster elements to help in preserving the temperature collected during the day.
  • Although the initial cost, it will save you a lot in the long run.
  • You will be offered rebates and incentives by various state governments and councils.
  • It’s the Perfect environmentally-friendly choice since it utilises the sun as the source of energy.


  • A Higher upfront cost for both equipment and installation.
  • The can tank take up more space
  • If you don’t receive a lot of sunshine, the system may fail to produce an excellent performance.
  • The tank produces a lot of heat, and thus its location must be planned very well.

Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas Hot Water Heater System

Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water System

This is one of the most popular water heating systems with the Australia population. If you already have a gas line or can cheaply access it, then this is the perfect hot water system to install. If you aren’t connected to the natural gas, you can make use of the LPG to run the system.


  • Faster heating- these water heaters are usually twice as fast as electric models. For instance, if the electric heater can heat 40 litres within an hour, a gas model can heat 80 litres within an hour.
  • It is very cheap for those connected to the natural gas line.
  • If the water heater ignites with a pilot light, it will be possible to work with it even during a blackout.
  • They are best known for their high efficiency.


  • Electric ignition may fail during blackouts
  • Without piping connection, LPG alternative will be costly

Heat Pump

Heat Pump Water System

Heat Pump Installed

This is the most efficient alternative to oil, electric and fuel alternatives. It works by drawing natural heat of the surrounding, and it requires very little electricity to heat the water. It’s important to note that it does not pump heat as the name suggest but refrigerant that is responsible for extracting and moving heat from one location to the other.

  • It’s safer than systems based on combustion
  • Compared to gas and oil boilers, it’s cheaper
  • Can work a cooling appliance during the summer
  • Very long lifespan- can serve you for up to 50 years
  • Works best in hotter regions
  • Environmentally friendly and eligible for government incentives and rebates


  • It requires good amount of ventilation
  • Requires high start-up cost
  • May not perform well in cold areas
  • You need electricity to run the heat pump

Other Factors to Be Considered

With the information about the available hot water heater systems, you still need to consider a few more factors to get the right hot water system. For instance, you may be for the solar water heater, but some factors such as lack of sunlight may work against this. Below are the key factors that should be considered before choosing among the four types discussed above.

Fuel Available

The type of fuel available is an important factor to consider. In most parts of the South East Queensland’s homes and Australia as a whole, the cheapest and the most accessible fuel is the natural gas. It is the most efficient fuel for your hot water system considering that some areas might be affected by season changes for decent solar energy. The phasing out of the electric water heaters may also affect your choice of the electric hot water system.

Amount of Water Need

The number of people relying on the water heater should also inform your choice. For a small family of 1-3 people, a heat pump or solar boosted system will work very well. They can also go for the continuous flow hot or instantaneous water system. This is a hot water system that pumps out as much water as needed. It works incredibly well for a small household.

If your family has more than three people, gas hot water system would the best choice due to its fast heating. It can produce hot water on demand. A storage hot water system will also work very well for a larger household. In this system, hot water is stored in the tank ready for use. It guarantees a constant hot water supply to the entire household.

These are the main things that you should know about hot water system before purchasing or installing one. Whether you’re replacing a broken water heater or installing for the first time, it’s important to purchase the best there is in the market. With this guide, you have almost everything you need make the right decision while choosing the right hot water system in South East Queensland and Australia as a whole. If you’re still finding it difficult to choose the best hot water heater, just call Hot Water Brisbane, and we will be happy to share any information that we have with you.