Blocked Drains Albion

Map of Albion in BrisbaneAlbion is a north-eastern suburb of the City of Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, Australia. The suburb name was derived from the Albion Hotel established by Thomas Hayseldon, which was called that because the white wall of John Pretri’s (the first mayor of Brisbane) quarry reminded Mr. Hayseldon of the England’s white cliffs (Albion being the old name for England).

Albion is home to the localities of Albion Heights and Breakfast Creek, the latter which is home to the popular heritage-listed Breakfast Creek Hotel. Some other heritage listed sites in the area include the former Albion post office, former fire station and the Hampton Court flats. The Albion Park Raceway, built during the 1880s, is a fusion of a racing club and greyhound racing track found in Breakfast Creek and is also home to the Queensland Cricket Association.

It was recorded in the 2011 Census the population of Albion was at 1,986, 48.4% female and 51.6% male.

A variety of housing styles, from former workers’ cottages through to contemporary brick made homes and unit blocks, are present in Albion. As the region caters to the demand of a growing residential population, many people choose to construct houses in the suburb, alongside companies putting up apartment complexes coupled with the building of new, commercial establishments.

Due to ongoing constructions, occurrences of broken and damaged pipes in the suburb are common. There are also regular issues with tree roots finding their way through these broken pipes causing drainage to be blocked. Clogged drains inside or outside homes can also be a serious nuisance which are primarily caused by grease build up and foreign materials blocking the drains.

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