Blocked Drains Algester

Algester and surrounding suburbsAlgester is an outlying suburb of the Brisbane city in Queensland, Australia. The suburb is located 18 kilometers south-west of the CBD. In the early years of the 1970’s, Algester Road and Dalmeny Street were the only thoroughfares into the suburb, which was mostly just virgin grassland at that time. Lot 22 situated at the end of Dalmeny Street was the first house to be built in the area. The region contained an abundance of native Australian flora and fauna before it was built out, and residents enjoyed many natural wonders before heavy development took place in the mid to late 1970’s. The area is part of the Brisbane Agricultural Reserve which once covered a huge portion of southern Brisbane.

Despite becoming quite urbanized, Algester is still home to a large mix of plants, bushes and trees. Because of this homes in the area often encounter problems with their drainage system due to blocked pipes caused by tree roots. Tree roots are the number one cause of blockages in Brisbane as they create cracks in the pipes and then expand filling the space within. This can be hugely problematic in the home or for industries where sufficient drainage is necessary such as restaurant kitchens.

Blockages in pipes can be really nasty, preventing waste-water from leaving your household or property. If you’re having difficulty in flushing your toilet or if you see that water is draining away quite slowly, this could be a sign that you need your drains cleanined.

If you are a resident of Algester and your pipework is in need of assistance, contact DCB at 07 3667 8003. We can provide an immediate and effective solution to your drainage problems.