Blocked Drains Annerley

Annerley is a southern suburb of the city of Brisbane. It is situated just 4Annerely and surrounding suburbs kilometres south of the Brisbane Central Business District. Much of the suburb is elevated on a ridge with a great view of the city. The area contains a diverse mix of residences for all socio-economic levels and also includes many apartment blocks, guest houses and fast food chains.

Annerley was originally an area used for dairy farming. St. Kilda Estate on Cornwall Street in the northern part of the suburb was one of the first residential subdivisions in the area. Back then the area was the seat of the Shire of Stephens; a local government area covering the inner southern suburbs of Brisbane. This local government entity existed from 1886 to 1925 before it became part of the City of Brisbane under the 1924 Act.

The suburb also has a lot of heritage-listed sites such as the Hefferan Park Air Raid Shelter at 260 Annerely Road, former Stephens Shire Office in 15 Ealing Street, the tram substation on Ipswich Road, and the Mary Immaculate Catholic Church also on Ipswich Road which is a notable city landmark because of its imposing gothic architecture.

Old suburbs like this have a lot of homes built using hard and brittle pipes made of earthenware that can easily crack, allowing tree roots to enter and damage the pipelines, causing drainage blockages. Other common causes of drainage blockage around this area are grease, hair, sand and silt, and foreign objects or debris that people have flushed down their toilets when they shouldn’t have.

If you are a resident of Annerley and are experiencing problems with your drainage system, please do not hesitate to contact DCB at 07 3667 8003. We have a fast and effective solution to your drainage issue.