Blocked Drains Anstead

Anstead and surrounding suburbsAnstead is a rural suburb, close to the Brisbane River, north of Moggill and 20 km south-west of central Brisbane. The suburb was named after John Anstead, a timber getter and quarry master. He was also the original land-owner along Mount Crosby Road near Kangaroo Gully Road. The population recorded in the region during the 2011 Australian census was at 1,120.

The topography of the region is mostly eucalypt woodland. This attribute is well represented with a lineup of huge and mature trees in the area. The requirement for drain cleaners in the area is almost primarily due to pipes damaged by tree roots. Tree roots, especially those from mature trees have a tendency to penetrate old pipes, either via cracks or in between joints where they grow and cause further damage.

In time, these roots form a living clog inside the pipes causing flow to stop and eventually to backflow flooding the surroundings. In regions with lots of large trees, blocked drains caused by trees is a common concern.

Other than this, obvious drainage issues to look out for are dirt, silt, and debris being washed down drains, which can also cause blockages. Other things to keep out of your drains are grease, oils and any fatty substances that might be washed down the kitchen sinks; these will cool and condense onto the walls of the pipes causing a nasty obstruction to water flow. Hair and soap also builds up in bathroom drains causing blockages there.

Anstead residents commonly need expert assistance to fix drain cleaning issues there. Save yourself the trouble and simply call DCB at 07 3667 8003 today and find out how we can fix your drainage problems immediately.