Blocked Drains Archerfield

Archerfield and surrounding suburbsArcherfield is a mixed-use suburb that lies to the south of Brisbane city. The majority of the area is occupied by Archerfield Airport making it a sparsely populated suburb. 2011 Australian census recorded a population of only 510. The suburb’s boundaries trail through Oxley Creek in the West and Beaudesert Road to the east.

Archerfield Airport was originally the major airport for Brisbane. The old civil terminal still stands on the eastern side of the airfield. During World War II, the airfield served as a base for air force operations in support of the war in the Pacific.

One notable heritage-listed site in the area is the Archerfield Second World War Igloos Complex on Kerry Road. This complex was built in February 1943. The igloo hangars had been part of the Archerfield Aerodome during World War II and were used for military aircraft maintenance and repair.

Even with low population density, drainage blockages can still be experienced in the suburb. Since the area is a mixed-use suburb where residential and commercial spaces are merged together or just within walking distance from each other; foreign objects or debris can often collect in pipes. This debris can be gathered from restaurants or other shops and also from local household. Grease from commercial and even home kitchens is one of the major causes of blockage in the drainage system. This is because once it builds up, it only will only leave a small opening for the waste to pass through. Commercial kitchens usually have a grease trap which catches the grease before it reaches the sewers. However if these grease traps are not properly maintained overflow and blockages normally result.

Roots from large trees can also be a problem requiring drain cleaners in the southern Brisbane suburbs. If you are experiencing problems with your drainage system in Archerfield, do not hesitate to contact our mobile service team at 07 3667 8003 immediately.