Blocked Drains Ascot

Ascot is a highly recognized suburb in the City of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia,Ascot and surrounding suburbs characterized by large Queenslander-style homes. The suburb is situated 7 kilometres from Brisbane’s city centre. Ascot is best recognized for its grand, old homes; the scenic poinciana tree lined shopping area of Racecourse Road, and for the Eagle Farm and Doomben race arenas which are popular for racing events.

The population in Ascot stood at 4,545 in 2001. As recorded in the 2006 census, the population grew to 5,330 residents and in 2011 the number decreased to 5,165. Decades ago, this suburb was mostly private homes, but more recently it has changed to a more diverse neighborhood.

Historically, the land was occupied by the Indigenous Turrbal clan. The Turrbal initially called the area Yowoggerra, which means Corroboree Place. This is where Australian Aborigines interacted with the Dreamtime through dance, music and costume.

The Eagle Farm Racecourse was put up in 1863. Horse racing was one of the earliest sports in Brisbane and the name “Ascot” was given to the suburb as a direct reference to Ascot, England, and its prominent Ascot Racecourse. There were racing stables throughout the suburb until the late 1920s.

The region has been considered as one of Brisbane’s high class residential suburbs, its property values consistently ranking among the highest in the state. With the esteem and high regard of the suburb, it has allowed numerous residential subdivisions to flourish and business establishments to prosper, however this has brought with it problems as well. With an increasing population the likelihood of drains being clogged also increases. Primary causes range from foreign objects or materials such as hair, soaps or food buildup clogging up water pipes to kitchen drains being obstructed by grease and oil mixed with other contaminants which in time can solidify. Outside drains may become blocked when rains wash leaves and dirt down outdoor or runoff drains.

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