Blocked Drains Ashgrove

Ashgrove and surrounding suburbsAshgrove is a residential, inner-city suburb alongside the Enoggera military camp. It is located 6 km north-west of central Brisbane. The suburb’s native name is Kallindarbin and was originally populated by the indigenous Turrbal also known as the Duke of York clan.

Today, the area is an upper class, verdant residential suburb, distinguished by its hilly terrain and Ashgrovian houses established in the early 20th century. The population grew to 12, 916 at the  2011 Census due to the attractiveness of the region luring more people to the area. Despite of the number of residential apartments built around the area, the suburb still has a lot of detached dwellings with older homes.

The primary causes of blocked drains in the suburb are due to tree roots. Large trees can cause enormous degree of damage underground. The break pipes and clog the empty space within them. The cracks and openings also invite in more foreign materials, sand and deposits which buildup and lead to extreme blockage of water flow.

Underground repair often entails a large amount of effort if not taken care of immediately. Ashgrove’s hilly setting also contribute to buildup of particles and debris in poorly installed piping. Residential and commercial and establishments may also experience blocked drains due to grease, fat and oil solidifying inside the cold linings of pipes. These coagulate and condense and in time create a thick blockage to the water flow. Other culprits include hair and soaps which get trapped between the bathroom drain and the runoff pipes underneath causing water flow to backup.

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