Blocked Drains Aspley

Aspley is a mostly residential suburb which developed from a greenbelt to housing developments during the 1970s. IT isAspley and surrounding suburbs located about 13 kilometres and about a half-hour drive north of the Brisbane central business district. It is intersected by Cabbage Tree Creek and Little Cabbage Tree Creek on the surrounding hills to the east and south. The suburb is primarily reached via Gympie Road, which is considered the primary road in Brisbane’s northern areas. Other major highways that run through the suburb are Albany Creek Road to the west and Robinson Road to the east.

During the latter part of the 19th century, the Aspley area was primarily used for farming. Soon after World War 1, the number of different manufacturing industries along Gympie and Lawrence Roads increased dramatically. Due to the economic growth in the region, residential subdivisions, shopping centers, supermarkets and schools we developed giving ride to a considerable increase in population. Within ten years Aspley schools were overflowing, with the pressure only relieved when Craigslea State Primary School opened in 1972. According to the 2011 Census, the population recorded in Aspley was 12,594.

Since the majority of the suburb is residential, a major nuisance in the area are clogged drains and pipes. Some of the major culprit includes dirt, hairballs and soap scums sticking to the walls of the drain pipes causing blockages which leads to a reduction in effective water flow. Kitchen sink piping is often obstructed by grease and undissolved food particles. Another common cause of blocked drains in the area is due to tree roots finding their way through cracks in old pipes causing serious congestion in pipelines.

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