Blocked Drains Auchenflower

Auchenflower and surrounding suburbsAuchenflower is an inner riverside suburb and is located 3.5 km west of the Brisbane Central Business District along Milton Road. The name of the area was derived from one of the rural estates formerly present within the region owned by Thomas Mcllwraith around 1880. The name is also thought to have described a field of flowers which was abundant in the estate.

The suburb was once synonymous with Queenslander style houses however many of these have been replaced by units and apartment buildings. Commercial establishments and office park improvements boomed in the recent decades causing an increasing of inhabitants in the suburb as recorded in the 2011 Australian census of a population reaching 5, 352.

52.6% of the area’s dwellings are flats, apartments and units. The influx of residents has also seen an increase in the number of blocked drains inside and outside the homes and establishments. Kitchen, bathroom and toilets all suffer from clogged drain nuisance brought about by grease, oils, fats and other debris entering the passageway and sticking to the cold pipes underneath. This causes a gradual formation and buildup which in time causes obstruction to effective water flow. Hair and soap are also common reasons for drain cleaning in the area. These cause sluggish drainage and eventually, no water will flow away at all. Tree roots are also a factor leading to jammed drains in Auchenflower, as their pursuit of nutrients and space to expand can open pipes, leading to a blockage.

For help or expert advice on drain cleaning in Auchenflower or the surrounding areas, contact DCB immediately at 07 3667 8003.