Blocked Drains Bald Hills

Bald Hills is a remote northern suburb near the South Pine River, which is 20 km north ofBald Hills and surrounding suburbs central Brisbane. The suburb derived its name after the two small hills situated in the South Pine River Valley floor. The name was an obvious description of the elevated grassed rises visible among the scrub along the South Pine River, although other sources say the name was selected because of the rounded shape of the D’Aguilar Range (mountain range near Brisbane). The suburb borders onto the Bald Hills Flats, a large water basin on the western side of the area that is mostly used for cattle grazing. The South Pine River unifies with the North Pine River and the combined flow, Pine River, forms the suburb’s northern border. Located along the banks of Pine River within Bald Hills is a large environmental park called the Tinchi Tamba Wetlands Reserve.

Bald Hills is a largely residential suburb. It is mostly surrounded by bush land and shrubs, but in the last few years, these bush areas have been removed to pave way for new residential areas. Despite the conversion, it is still evident that the area contains numerous deeply rooted trees. These tree roots commonly find their way through broken pipes and drainage systems causing damage and blockages affecting the flow of water from the drains to their final destination. On top of this, occurrences of blocked drains due to foreign materials build up caused by grease, oil or solidified soap scum and residential waste products also cause clogging of pipes in the area.

If you are a resident of Bald Hills and need assistance with drain cleaning because of a blocked drain, please call DCB at 07 3667 8003 immediately so that we can solve your drainage issue.