Blocked Drains Bardon

Bardon and surrounding suburbsBardon is an inner residential suburb of Brisbane. It lied 6 kilometers west of central Brisbane Central District and connects to the foothills of the Mount Coot-tha Park to Ithaca Creek. The suburb was formerly known as Upper Paddington and was later on renamed in 1925 by the Ithaca Town Council. This name is linked to the villa established by the former Mayor of Brisbane, Joshua Jeays after Bardon Hills, in his hometown located in Leicestershire, England.

The area is green and leafy with plenty of flora and fauna around. Due to it being situated on the foothills of Mount Coot-tha the suburb is amass with ridges and steep valleys. Mature trees grow alongside 89% of the houses in the region. With tree roots digging deep to look for sources of water and minerals, they invade cracks and openings in pipes causing massive formations of living root clogs which prevent water from flowing effectively.

Poor installation of pipes can also affect the flow of water along these underground pipes factoring in the folds and elevations of the region. Too many leaves falling from the surrounding trees are also an issue in Bardon. They clump together causing blockage to outdoor drains, causing overflow problems. Inside the home drain cleaning issues are caused by grease, oil and fats are flushed down sinks which may coagulate with other foreign substances. Over time, they cling into the linings of the pipes which may block water from flowing. These clogs can also often cause a foul odour which can be a terrible problem inside one’s residence.

If you’re in Bardon and have a jammed water line, expert assistance can be immediately provided by DCB. Call our mobile service team at 07 3667 8003 immediately.