Blocked Drains Bellbowrie

Bellbowrie and surrounding suburbsBellbowrie is a residential suburb located 17 km south-west of central Brisbane. The suburb was originally part of the suburb called was Moggill. The name was derived from an expression of the original inhabitants of the land which describes a place of flowering gums. The name was certified during a ceremony facilitated by the Lord Mayor of the suburb in 1973. The area was once a reserved open space with large lots and park like vistas occupying the region.

At present, the suburb is considered a fast developing semi-rural area alongside Brisbane’s growth path in the westward direction. The Australian Census recorded a population of 5,413 in 2011 with a female to male ratio of 50.9% to 49.1%.

Much of the suburb is covered in lush greenery and bushland. Due to this, many tall and mature trees grow in the area. The roots of these trees are a major reason for the requirement of drain cleaners in this part of Brisbane.

Tree roots excavate deep underground in search of nutrients and water and many eventually find their way into cracked or old broken pipes. In time, these roots grow to form a blockage inside the pipeline. In addition to this, due to the suburban nature of homes in the area dirt, silt and leaves are often washed down drains. Inside the house grease, fats and food building up in the pipelines are also a cause of blocked drains. When these incidents are not dealt immediately, the result in a complete stop to the flow of water which can end up costing quite a lot to repair.

Residents of Bellbowrie with any drain issues should call the experts at DCB immediately at 07 3667 8003.