Blocked Drains Belmont

Belmont and surrounding suburbsBelmont was previously a shire turned both to residential and rural suburb. It is located 12 kilometers south-east of Brisbane CBD. Estate owner, August Charles Frederick Bernecker gave the name to the suburb which was derived from one of his estate properties set in the fertile landscape along Bulimba creek during the 1870s. The population of 4,594 was recorded by the 2011 Australian Census and it continues to increase to date.

Its residential concentration is in its north-west area connecting the motorway and Tingalpa. While much of the suburb remains as undeveloped extents of outback and greenery mixed with large rural properties, there are a considerable amount of areas with built-up residential estates. Due to the nature of the region, long and mature tree roots thrive underground which continuously search for food and water. One common cause of blocked drains in the suburb is tree root ingress. Poorly fitted and stepped joints as well as poorly fixed pipe connections underground can lead to leaks and openings. Tree roots find its way to these openings and develop until they permanently block water from flowing. Leaves and other debris from trees are also hovered and brought to drainages which can obstruct sewages until they flood areas. Occupants and home dwellers contribute to drainage issues initiated inside homes. Grease and oil creates fatty residues which sticks in the walls of pipes and narrows the water lines until they shoot dirtier water to the source. Blockages caused by paper and toilet products flushed down drains and hair strands mixed with soap suds can form a difficult blockage in bathrooms and toilets which entail immediate action.

As soon as Belmont residents find out these issues in their drain and sewage systems, don’t hesitate to call DCB at 07 3667 8003.