Blocked Drains Bridgeman Downs

Bridgeman Downs is a suburb found 13 kilometres north-west of Brisbane CBD. TheBridgeman Downs and surrounding suburbs population there was recorded at 7,445 in the 2011 Australian census. The suburb has long been distinguished by its large estate properties. It is bordered by Aspley, Albany Creek, McDowall and Carseldine which are also primarily residential area, built since the late eighties and early nineties. The area includes three large-scale Christian churches namely the Bridgeman Baptist Community Church, the Bridgeman Downs Christian Outreach Centre and the C3 Church.

Major shopping centers close to Brisgeman Downs include Brookside Shopping Centre, Westfield Chermside, Stafford City Shopping Centre and the Aspley hypermarket. The region was mostly developed in the 1990s, which can be seen by the modern look of the majority of the houses in the residential estates.

The suburb has been a popular location from many young families because of the large blocks as well as the close proximity to shops and other commercial establishments. Various public and private schools are also situated in the region. With the influx of inhabitants, the likelihood of blocked drains in the area has also risen. Foreign objects and materials such as soaps, fats or food build up often become caught in drains, blocking them up. Grease and fats are often washed down in the kitchen sinks and over time can build up so much that no more liquid can pass through.

In addition to issues with debris in the piping, tree roots and broken pipes are also common causes of blocked drains. Because many of the structures in the area have been around since the late eighties the possibility of cracked pipes due to age is increasing. When this occurs sand, dirt and silt funnel into the pipe causing further issues.

If you are a resident of Bridgeman Downs and are in need of assistance with drain cleaning, please give DCB a call at 07 3667 8003 immediately.