Blocked Drains Brighton

Brighton, a coastal suburb, is located 19 kilometers to the north of Brisbane City.Brighton and surrounding suburbs The suburb’s northern shoreline is mangrove wetland and its western boundary is Bald Hills Creek. The 2011 Australian Census recorded that the region had a population of 9,012. Brighton is home to a magnificent woodland wetland which has been preserved by the local government. Whilst nearby Sandgate holds the majority of local social institutions and shopping establishments, there is a smaller shopping strip along Brighton Terrace. Aside from the wetlands and a small amount of commercial areas, the suburb is mostly residential housing.

The vast stretches of wetlands and greenery in the suburb are home to many deeply rooted trees. Tree roots infiltrate the sewer drain lines, especially those with existing holes and cracks, causing a living, growing blockage. Tree roots are a primary cause of blocked drains in this area of Brisbane.

Aside from this, the residential population also cause blocked drains unintentionally throughout the area. The area is a popular location for resident due to proximity to the water and convenience to public transport. Residents of the suburb however unknowingly flush and wash items down their drains each day which cause blockages. Food scraps, oils, and fats from the kitchen and hair balls and other bathroom debris all contribute to blocked pipes. All of these things cause problems with drainage and should be disposed of by other means if at all possible.

If you are a resident of Brighton require assistance unblocking your drains, please call Drain Cleaning Brisbane at 07 3667 8003 immediately.