Blocked Drains Brisbane Airport

Brisbane Airport is a suburb of Brisbane, obviously named that because it is home to the Brisbane International Airport. The suburb isBrisbaneairport and surrounding suburbs situated 14 kilometers north-east of the central business district. The majority of the land here is occupied by the airport, which is the third busiest in Australia by aircraft movements. Airport Drive and Moreton Drive are the main roads in the region and connect the airport with the Gateway Motorway.

The land occupied by the Brisbane airport was originally part of the suburbs of Eagle Farm and Pinkenba. In 2011, the Queensland minister for Finance, Natural Resources, and the Arts, Rachel Nolan, published an official notice modifying the boundaries of these two suburbs and neighbouring Hamilton, forming this new suburb. Key facilities in the area include the Skygate Airport Village which is consists of an 80 hectare zone dedicated for retail and commercial purposes; Novotel’s Airport Hotel and the soon to be developed Airport Industrial Park which is part of 100 hectares of land designated for light and general industry.

Due to the majority of Brisbane Airport being built on raised swampland, with minimal trees, there is not a huge amount of blocked drain work in the area. With an increasing amount of commercial and industrial sites being developed here however, the likelihood of drain cleaning plumbers being needed increases. Chunks of greasy food, fats, oils and foreign substances from commercial eateries may clog in pipes causing more unwanted build up which can stop water flow. Industrial and commercial establishments with pipes and fixtures may also worry about obstructions caused by continuous deposits of sand, dirt and other debris, especially in cracked or open pipes which can cause serious woes if not given due attention.

Keeping your drains free flowing and in excellent condition should be a top priority for all businesses and residents of Brisbane Airport, please call DCB at 07 3667 8003 to assist you further in this matter should you require drain cleaning.