Blocked Drains Brookfield

Brookfield and surrounding suburbs

Brookfield is a residential semi-rural suburb which is situated south-west of Mount Coot-tha Forest. It connects the Moggill Creek and another suburb, Kenmore, and is approximately 13 kilometers west-south-west of central Brisbane. Mrs J.S. Brimblecombe, an early resident of the area, gave the name to the suburb in 1868 because of the streams, creeks and gullies it contains. She was also thought to have lived near Brookfield, a town in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales.

The region is very well forested. Due to its topography, large tree roots dominate the region and these can cause extreme blockages of water in any underground pipes. Constantly growth and movement in their search for water and nutrients means many of them eventually find their way inside old and deteriorating pipes. Here they can form a ball of twisted roots which later on becomes difficult to extract if no immediate action is taken.

Tree roots are the dominant cause of blocked drains in this area, however other problems can cause issues in piping as well. A secondary cause of clogs in the area is hair and soap and other debris that clump in the linings of the bathroom drainage pipes. At first, these may not obstruct liquid from passing through but over time, scum can buildup to a point where no water can enter. Kitchen drains are also vulnerable to culprits such as grease and food which is intentionally or unintentionally carried down the pipes. This can, over time, cause complete blockages which cause dirtier water to rise back out of the sink causing potential health risks and major inconveniences.

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