Blocked Drains Bulimba

Bulimba and surrounding suburbsBulimba is an inner suburb on the south side of the Brisbane River which is situated 4 kilometers north-east of Brisbane central business district and is surrounded by East Brisbane, Hawthorne, Balmoral and Morningside suburbs. Based on the 2011 Census, it has a population of 5,941. It was believed that the suburbs name was taken from a Turrubal word used by early settlers which means “a place of the magpie lark.” It is also known as mudlark or peewit. It was previously called Tugulawa by the early inhabitants. The suburb also houses several Army Cadet Units – 12 ACU and 161 Aviation Detachment located at Bulimba Barracks on Apollo Road.

The suburb showcases prime residences and emerging industrialized region. Statistics confirmed the suburb’s appeal to new residents due to continuous town house developments. Ground movements due to excavations and ground saturation in line with ongoing constructions cause crushed or broken pipes. These immediately attract materials and grit/sand deposits especially in main pipelines which cause an abrupt blockage of water. Tree root ingress is a common occurrence wherein roots paved its way to the openings to get fresh supply of water and nutrients. They form a large ball of root strands which snarl-up liquids and sewage water to reach its destination. These can be very annoying and inconvenient especially to household owners and tenants. Bad housekeeping can also be an ingredient to block drains. A common household culprit will be solidified grease which forms due to the mixture of cold water with fatty substances, oil and greasy food particles. They set and congeal in the pipes underneath the kitchen downspouts and could create a hard sticky clump which blocks water as well. Sanitary products, tampons and paper products also block toilet passageways adding up hair and soap which compound the problem.

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