Blocked Drains Burbank

Burbank is a large greenbelt suburbs in south-east Brisbane. It was named after a local horse dealer, Frank Burbank. Mount Petrie can be found in the northernBurbank and surrounding suburbs part of the suburb where several semi-rural residences exist. The area has number of small creeks that meander between its rolling hills.

There are working and hobby farms in the area, as well as a few palm nurseries and turf farms. Burbank is an almost entirely residential suburb; shops and public transport in the area are very limited. Residential blocks here a mostly large, with plush houses and sprawling gardens.

The City Council of Brisbane’s land acquisition program for natural reserve has acquired many undeveloped properties in Burbank. The Brisbane Koala Park is a koala habitat protection area was created with tourist facilities and boardwalks along Ford Road. A second park was also built which is called the JC Trotter Memorial Park, designed to protect the habitats and movement corridors of some 3000 to 5000 koalas in south-east Brisbane.

Since the suburb has a large amount of bushland where a lot of plant life and trees flourish, drainage blockage are a problem due to collapsed pipes because of large tree roots growing underground. Tree roots are the number one cause of blockages here and these can create cracks in pipes and cause blocked drains which can hugely affect daily tasks and routines in any home.

Blockages in pipes can be really unpleasant, preventing wastewater from leaving the household or property. If you are having difficulty in flushing your toilet or if you see that water drains away slowly, there may be a blockage in your pipelines.

If you live in Burbank and are in need of assistance, be sure to contact DCB at 07 3667 8003. We can assure you of an immediate and effective solution to your drainage problems.