Blocked Drains Camp Hill

CampHillCamp Hill is a residential suburb located 6 kilometers south-east of central Brisbane. The suburbs name originated from haulers resting at a waterhole at the foot of Whites Hill in the south of the suburb while traveling between Cleveland and Brisbane. The suburb was considered a residential suburb which was evident when the suburb was marketed as a city with views with a diverse range of dwellings and entry points to Coorparoo and Carindale shopping in the 2000s. The suburbs population significantly increased as indicated in the 2011 Australian Census which recorded 10,533 residents.

Many houses and residential estates were established as the population grows. Alongside the rise increased instances of clogged drains. Some of the reasons include solidified grease and fatty residue brought about by the mixture of grease, oil and food substances mixed with cold water. They form a sticky deposit in between the pipes underneath, they continue to scum and narrow the passageway of water until no liquid can pass through. Hair and body fats, dirt and buildup of soap scum can also be culprits for blocked drains this time in bathroom sinks and plugholes. If there will be no filtering mechanism to control the slithering down of these substances, they can form a huge ball overtime which obstructs water and lead to dirtier water shooting up. Foreign objects can also enter sinks and toilet pipes. These include tampons, paper and sanitary products and even children’s toys which can create a massive block when they get lodged in a bend or get wedged on an internal drawl in a pipe fitting or joint.

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