Blocked Drains Cannon Hill

CannonHill and surrounding suburbsCannon Hill is a residential suburb lying on Wynnum Road which is 5 kilometers in facing central Brisbane. It is surrounded by neighboring suburbs of Carina, Murarrie, Tingalpa and Carina. The suburb showcases a population of 4,507 as administered by the 2011 Australian census. Many varieties of the suburb’s name origin were thought. One particular origin made some believed that it was named after the Cannon Hill house which is a residence situated on Wynnum road which was occupied by the Weedon family. Thornhill Weedon surveyed the area and notably observed two tree stumps resembling a Cannon.

Many residential spots in the area fully utilize drainage and sewage systems to ensure that they carry waste and rain water but at some point they can fail. Most often, the common cause are brought about by some flaws which range from loose joints and cracks in the pipelines. These occurrences potentially invite sand and soil which impedes the effective flow of water to its destination. Worst, tree roots also enter the openings clamoring for water and nutrients which is abundantly present inside the pipes. In time, they encumber liquid or water from flowing backing it up to the source. Although these defects in the pipes are a strong cause of blocked drains, what happens indoors is another story.  Small pieces of food leftovers, grease and heavy liquid are often slithered down kitchen sinks. What we often lack to consider is when these substances mixes with cold water and other residues, they form a sticky deposit which grow larger until they block the whole passageway.

Getting rid of these household and commercial nuisances can be frustrating, it is best to contact DCB at 07 3667 8003 for drain cleaning assistance.