Blocked Drains Carina Heights

CarinaHeights and surrounding suburbsCarina Heights is a residential suburb located 8 kilometers south-east of central district Brisbane. It is bordered by Camp Hill, Carindale, Carina and Mount Gravatt East. The suburbs name obviously came from the nearby suburb of Carina which was officially separated from Carina in 1975. It has a population of 6,110 based on the 2011 Australian census.

The region’s southern part includes White’s Hill Reserve, an elevated area running west from Pine Mountain to White’s Hill in the neighboring suburb of Camp Hill. Most of the suburb’s geographical location are greenery and dominated by trees. Roots underground tack its way to find the nearest source of water and nutrients. They often lead to cracked pipes and stay there for quite some time. They eventually grow larger and secure a good spot to clog water from flowing. Townhouses, flats and semi-detached dwellings near these greeneries are affected and may lead to instant flooding because of this set up. Cracked pipelines can also invite sand and soil which also hinder the effective flow of sewage water. Drain gets clogged not only due to external factors but is also very common indoors. Bad housekeeping leads to this problem. From oils, grease and food scraps which continuously flow down kitchen sinks, they solidify over time and cause the narrowing of the passageway of any liquid. Hair strands and soap suds deposits in the wall and linings of the pipes underneath bathroom drains and get caught in the bolts and joints of these water lines. The more they congeal the more sewage water they lift up to the source.

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