Blocked Drains Carina

Carina and surrounding suburbsCarina is an uptown suburb located 7 kilometers east of Brisbane central district. It is surrounded by neighboring suburbs of Carindale, Cannon Hill, Camp Hill and Carina Heights. It is primarily residential in nature housing a large sporting complex, Clem Jones Centre and a Brisbane City Council. The name was believed to have been derived from an estate situated on Creek Road built in the 1850s. It was owned by Ebener Thorne who had a daughter named Kate Carina. The suburb boats its population that reached 10,301 recorded by the 2011 Australian census.

As population and houses grew, the need for an effective water sewage system should be in place. Although in reality, often times, householders and establishment owners experience drain cleaning issues brought about by several factors. The most prevalent one is caused by things and materials which ideally should have been placed in the bin but unfortunately enters plugholes and downspouts accidentally or consciously. Nappies, sanitary products and tissue go down toilet tubes and get caught in the pipelines underneath leading to extreme blockage. Hair, soap suds and dirt slide down bathroom drains and form a ball of clog that impedes water or any form of liquid to flow. It shoots up foul smelling water which is dirty and can pose a health risk if not actioned.  Kitchen sinks can also be a victim of clogging when we continue to pour heavy grease, oil and food particles. They combine with other substances that coagulate and become blockages in the pipes.

If you are a resident of Carina and is seeking rapid response to drain cleaning problems, please call DCB at 07 3667 8003.