Blocked Drains Carole Park

Carole Park is a suburb in the City of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. It is located 19 kilometres south west of the Brisbane central business district. Half of the suburb is residential and theCarolePark and surrounding suburbs other half is mostly industrial, with the Logan Motorway separating the two areas. The industrial side is part of the City of Ipswich while the residential area still remains pat of the City of Brisbane.

The Queensland Housing Commission provided housing to residents here in the 1970’s but the suburb already had a few farms from as far back as the 1940’s. The suburb is quite peaceful and laid-back with a primary school and a small shopping centre. There is also easy access to transportation such as the trains and the motorway.

The suburb is partly industrial which means that there are a lot of heavy equipment being used and transported, this usually means ongoing construction, constant ground movement, and other factors that can affect or damage pipelines underground, which can lead to drainage blockages. When this occurs, the problem can be identified using our camera inspection equipment. We can provide you with a high-definition recording of the incurred damage via USB if you need it. Our radio frequency locator can also accurately detect the problem and even determine its depth. Tree roots from developed trees are also a problem in Carole Park.

Blockages in pipes can be very unpleasant, preventing wastewater from leaving your household or property. If you’re having difficulty flushing your toilet or if water drains down the sink too slowly, it could be a sign of blockage in your pipelines.

If you are experiencing problems with your drainage system in Carole Park, do not hesitate to contact DCB at 07 3667 8003. We are ready to take action immediately.