Blocked Drains Carseldine

Carseldine is a suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, situated about 16 kilometersCarseldine and surrounding suburbs north and about 30 minutes from the central business district. It is bordered by the suburbs of Bald Hills and Bracken Ridge to the north, Aspley to the south, Fitzgibbon to the east and Bridgeman Downs to the west. The name is derived from William Carseldine, a fencing contractor who lived in Bald Hills in 1858 and also owned lands and properties in the area. The family name was originally spelt ‘Castledean’, however, William’s son James apparently misspelled it – and got ‘Carseldine’. In the 2011 Australian census, the suburb had a recorded a population of 8,746 people.

The suburb is mostly residential but also contains some community-based shopping centers and establishments. As a reasonably prices suburb of Brisbane with decent sized blocks of land, there has been a lot of growth in the area of late. With an increasing population however, the incidents of blocked drains also increases. Kitchen sinks in the area are often clogged with refuse or fats and oils. Soap scum, hair and minerals can accumulate inside bathroom pipes and eventually lead to clogs as well. Hair clogs slow the rate at which water drains; blocking up the pipe as they latch on to other debris. Soap scum and minerals leave residues on the pipelines causing obstructions to an effective water flow system.

Tree roots are also an issue in the Carseldine area, and are one of the major causes for drain cleaning call-outs. To help you avoiding these dilemmas please make sure you take care of your drainage systems, and don’t flush or wash unnecessary items down the toilet or sink.

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