Blocked Drains Chapel Hill

ChapelHill and surrounding suburbs

Chapel Hill is primarily a residential suburb in Brisbane and is positioned at the foot of the highest peak in Brisbane which is Mount Coot-tha. The suburb is located 9 kilometers south-west of central Brisbane. The population stretched at 10,168 logged last 2011 by the Australian Census.

The suburb presently is undertaking a massive suburban overhaul wherein majority of the region’s old detached housing are taken down to pave way to newer homes and lot divisions. As these advances, the originally fixed underground pipelines wherein most of the waste waters flow coming from dwellings and establishments are affected. They are unintentionally damaged which leads to cracks or openings and later on deposits of sands or other foreign substances accumulate causing an obstruction in the flow underground. Liquid courses back to the source causing floods and deluges due to blocked drains. The suburb has also been known to have a large amount of bush land due to its proximity to Mount Coot-tha. Large and elongated roots drills its way to these pipe openings to get water and nutrients supply which are abundant in these areas. In time, they massively buildup and causes an annoying blockage of any liquid to flow from the source to its end point. Indoor causes of clogged passageway of water also includes food bits, oil and fatty substances condensing in the walls of the pipes as they continuously being washed down kitchen drains in the household.

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