Blocked Drains Chelmer

Chelmer and surrounding suburbs

Chelmer is an inner residential suburb cited on the southern side of the Brisbane River and is approximately eight kilometers south-west of central Brisbane. The suburb is part of what was previously known as Boyland’s Pocket alongside other neighboring suburbs of Graceville and Sherwood. It has been thought that Thomas Boyland once chartered the area during 1840s-50s for cattle and sheep grazing. There were no other recordings of the origin of the suburb’s name.

The suburb was gazed with many fine Queenslander inspired dwellings composed mainly of solid brick homes with galvanized iron roofing. Over the years, the suburb was on its path to urbanization and tapping subdivision potential areas which attracted quite a number or residents to live in the region. Linear public parks and modern establishments were also put up.

As development progresses, several constructions may affect the original underground water lines causing considerable damages into these pipes. If these cracks become bigger, it may eventually invite sand, small rocks and particles to enter these passageways creating a solid jam which will result to clogged drains. Water flowing underneath may back fire shooting it back to the source creating flood and deluge. Common causes may not only happen outside but more often than not, inside of our household. Grease and food particles flow continuously in kitchen sinks leading to the water pipes set underneath, it may not initially cause clogging but in time, as these substances are mixed with coagulating materials, they form a solid residue in the linings of the pipe walls causing these to block water to flow to its destination.

It is best that the people of Chelmer to rely on effective means to prevent or stop these drain problems. DCB can surely provide an answer, you may contact them at 07 3667 8003.