Blocked Drains Chermside West

Chermside West is an area of Brisbane, Australia made official in 1975. It is situated 10ChermsideWest and surrounding suburbs kilometers north of the Brisbane central business district. It is located within the Brisbane City Council local government area. Craigslea is the former name for portions of Chermside West. It was recorded in the 2011 Census that population of the suburb reached 6,121. In 1864, lands previously owned by Aboriginal owners were bought by specific persons from the Colonial government in contrast with the Aboriginal system. The new system highlighted that the land belonged to the new owners and they had proof or documents to support ownership. Not all the land was bought by the colonizers, as entrepreneurs also bought land as an investment to be resold at a profit as the area developed. By the early 1950s the character of the area was beginning to alter. The small farm sector was declining, as economies of scale began to drive industries like dairying and poultry farming towards larger production requiring bigger land holdings.

Generally, the suburb is a region of trees and greenery and the area contains mature roots. As roots continue to develop, they grow and wield considerable pressure at the crack or joint where they enter the pipe. The force applied by the root growth will damage the pipe and may lead to total collapse of the pipe. This will invite foreign materials and debris to enter these broken pipes causing build up and will later on be congested preventing effective flow of water. Hair, oil and mineral deposits along the walls of the pipes associated with hard water can also contribute to the clogged drains.

If you are a resident of Chermside West and has similar problems with the one’s mentioned, please call DCB at 07 3667 8003 and we’ll put action on this immediately.