Blocked Drains Coorparoo

Coorparoo and surrounding suburbs

Coorparoo is an inner suburb of Brisbane located 4 kilometers south-east of Brisbane CBD. It is surrounded by nearby suburbs of Camp Hill, Greenslopes, Seven Hills, East Brisbane and Norman Park. The name was thought to have been derived from a local word describing Norman Creek and its branches referring to a place associated with mosquitoes, or possibly the sound made by a gentle dove. The suburbs population reached 14,944 based on the 2011 Australian census.

The suburb lies on the eastern side of Norman Creek, a southern arm of the Brisbane River. Most of the area’s topography is trees and greenery offsetting the watery region. The suburb should have an effective water sewage system to ensure that no floods or unnecessary overflowing occurs but under certain circumstances they can fail. Many external and home drainages will have some flaws over time on its joints and interior connections. These can lead to serious fractures and cracks which could most likely cause sand and soil ingress. Most of the waste water sent into the drain goes out through breaks in the pipe and soaks into the sub-soil. While the liquid leaks away, solids and waste are left within the pipe system. A gallery of culprits also is present indoors which includes common ones in the toilet like nappies, paper products and tampons unwantedly washed down drains and plugholes. They can definitely clog inside bent and curved pipes underneath. Kitchen sinks can also be a source of solidified grease which when congeal causes obstruction of water.

If you live in Coorparoo and need immediate assistance with clogged and blocked drains, don’t hesitate to call DCB on 07 3667 8003.