Blocked Drains Corinda

Corinda and surrounding suburbs

Corinda is a residential suburb which is located 9 kilometers south-west of the Brisbane Central District. It was thought that the name of the suburb originated from a property under Sir Arthur Palmer, which he named after his Corinda pastoral station immediate to Aramac. The suburb is surrounded by the Brisbane River on the west side and the Oxley creek on its east boundary making it more prone to floods. Despite of the land situation, the population was still consistent reaching 4,695 recorded last 2011 by the Australian census.

The geographic location of the area is generally hilly especially on the west side where the real estate market flourishes. Trees dominate these areas and its roots primarily dig underground in search for more nourishment. Eventually, they find old pipes and enter openings of these cylinders. They stay in these pipes for the longest time causing a temporary or even a permanent block in the flow of water backing out to its source. Its source may be anything from a kitchen sink or bathroom drains in the nearby dwellings in the place. Commercial establishments in the region also are rapidly developing. These can also be sources of clogged drains ranging from heavy liquids such as oil, grease, fats or gravies unwantedly flushed down sinks. It may not be initially blocked the pipelines but in time, they will lineup the walls of the water lines and harden when mixed with other substances.  Large bungalow designed houses were built on the floodplain near Oxley Creek and would definitely need to ensure that proper tube and pipe installations are fixed within the area to avoid internal or external flooding.

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