Blocked Drains Darra

Darra is one of the older suburbs in the City of Brisbane, located approximately 14 kilometres southwest of theDarra and surrounding suburbs Brisbane Central Business District. The first subdivisions in the area came about in 1864. The suburb is also known for its high migrant population.

The homes are primarily designed the Queenslander style which were built in the 1940’s and 1950’s. But in time, the suburb also made room for more modern homes since the blocks in the area are large enough to be subdivided. Now there are a lot of new homes and townhouses built, increasing its population and geographical boundaries.

The suburb is currently in the process of redeveloping their industrial park and the upgrading of local infrastructure and facilities in the community. The Brisbane City Council is also actively restoring the area’s streetscapes including neighbouring parks and facilities as well.

Older suburbs, especially those with houses built before the 1980’s, usually have hard and brittle pipes made of earthenware that easily crack, allowing tree roots to enter and damage the pipelines, and thus causing terrible drainage blockage. Other causes of drainage blockage are grease, hair, sand and silt, and foreign objects or debris that can’t be properly flushed down resulting in blockage in the pipelines. Since Darra has a growing population and there is currently ongoing construction in the streets and various infrastructures, these problems can be inevitable.

But there’s no need to worry about blocked drains. If you are a resident of Darra and is experiencing problems with your drainage system, just contact Drain Cleaning Brisbane at 07 3667 8003, for a fast and effective solution to your drainage problems.