Blocked Drains Doolandella

Doolandella and surrounding suburbsDoolandella is an outlying suburb of the city of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. It is located 17 kilometers south-west of the Central Business District and was not officially declared a suburb until 1976. The name Doolandella originated from the geebung tree, a shrub with broad leaves and yellow fruit that grows in the area.

The suburb had a total of 70 houses in 2004 with a population of 255, while a population of 3,105 was recorded by the 2011 Australian Census. This shows that the suburb is expanding at a rapid rate and this trend looks set to continue into the next decade.

The Ipswich Motorway is easily accessible from the area via Blunder Road as is the Logan Motorway to the south.

Like many other suburbs in Brisbane, the area is surrounded by lush greenery which the residents enjoy, however this can also be the cause of many plumbing problems. One of the chief reasons for blocked drains is tree roots. They can enter a pipe through cracks which are caused by movement in the ground, fault in materials used, improper installation, or just because huge tree roots that can severely damage even the sturdiest of pipes.

Sand, dirt and silt are also common causes of drainage blockages in Doolandella as it often enter pipes, mostly through storm-water drains but also when washed down sinks. To remove silt and debris from a pipe a method called hydrojetter is used to to flush away any blockages.

Blocked drains can be very unpleasant especially in the home. They prevent waste-water from leaving the household or property which can cause a nasty smell or even flood out the premises. If you’re having some trouble in flushing your toilet or if you see that water drains away down the sink too slowly, this could be a sign of drain that required cleaning.

If you live in Doolandella these clogs need not be a problem. Call Drain Cleaning Brisbane on 07 3667 8003, for immediate plumbing assistance and excellent services.