Blocked Drains Dutton Park

Dutton Park is a suburb in the City of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia located just 4 kilometres south of theDuttonPark and surrounding suburbs Brisbane Central Business District. The area is predominantly residential with some light commercial and industrial spaces.

The name of the Suburb originated from Charles Boydell Dutton who was the Queensland Minister for Lands from 1883 to 1887. Dutton was the one who created the recreation reserve in 1884 which is known now as Dutton’s Park. In fact, this park dominated the suburb which includes a large recreational space and a public cemetery which is known as the South Brisbane Cemetery but colloquially known as Dutton Park Cemetery. It is the oldest surviving municipal cemetery in Brisbane.

Other attractions or heritage-listed sites include the Boggo Road Gaol which served as a holding area for prisoners in 1883 before being transferred to St. Helena Island. The remaining structure is now a historical museum. Kurowah is a heritage-listed mansion at 218 Gladstone Road which was designed by Lange Leopold Powell and was built in 1915 to 1916.

Dutton Park is one of the oldest suburbs in Brisbane and suburbs like this often have hard and brittle pipes made of earthenware that easily crack, allowing tree roots to enter and damage the pipelines, and thus causing terrible drainage blockage. Since the suburb also has some commercial and industrial areas, other possible causes of drainage blockage can be grease, hair, sand and silt, and foreign objects or debris that can’t be properly flushed down resulting to blockage in the pipelines.

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