Blocked Drains Eagle Farm

Eagle Farm is an industrialized suburb of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia, locatedEaglefarm and surrounding suburbs around six kilometers from the Brisbane central business district. It first appeared as a name last 1839, pinpointing a cultivation area in convict era Brisbane. It was Commandant Patrick Logan who chose the site between the Brisbane River and the Serpentine Creek in 1829 which was strategic for agricultural purposes that time. The origin of the name apparently arose from eagles being observed around the farm. This area was the previous site of Eagle Farm Airport which was Brisbane’s main airport prior to the opening of the Brisbane Airport. The suburb was also the site of the abandoned Eagle Farm railway station. The locality of Whinstanes is also located in this suburb.

As the suburb further develops, constructions and excavations push through and different establishments are built. Occurrences of unwanted damaging of pipelines continue to rise as well. If a pipe is broken, the water cannot flow effectively and may cause a breakdown causing the drain to be block. It invites other clogs like sand and silts as well as tree roots crawling in the underground pipes causing stressful obstruction in the flow of water. Choked drainage can also occur due foreign objects or materials such as grease and food buildup which can also annoying problems and huge amount of expenses if not actioned upon immediately.

Residents of Eagle Farm need not to worry, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call DCB at 07 3667 8003 for drain cleaning issues.