Blocked Drains Eight Mile Plains

EightMilePlains and surrounding suburbs

Eight Mile Plains is a suburb of the City of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia and is situated 14.38 kilometres from the Brisbane Central Business District. The Brisbane Technology Park is located in the suburb, which was developed to provide a catalytic setting for information-intensive, technology-based companies. The Queensland Clunies Ross Centre for Science and Industry is also located within the Technology Park.

The name of the suburb came from the area’s flat topography and its 8-mile distance from One Mile Swamp, which is now the suburb of Woollongabba. Eight Mile Plains was one of the very first suburbs to be established in Brisbane and has a population of 13, 379 according to the 2011 Australian Census.

The Brisbane Agricultural Reserve in Coopers Plains was extended to Eight Mile Plains in 1864. One of the suburb’s heritage-listed sites includes the Hughesville residence which was built in 1892-1893.

Before settlement, the suburb was home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. Most suburbs in Brisbane have lush greenery with different kinds of trees with. One of the chief causes of drainage blockage is tree roots. They can penetrate into a pipe through cracks which are caused by movement in the ground, fault in material used, improper installation, or mainly because of huge tree roots that can severely damage even the sturdiest of pipes. In older suburbs, especially those with houses built before the 1980’s, usually have earthenware pipes that easily break allowing tree roots to enter and causing severe drainage blockage.

Blockages in pipes can be very unpleasant especially at home because it prevents wastewater from leaving your household or property. If you’re having some trouble in flushing your toilet or if you see that water drains away slowly, this could be a sign of blockage in your pipelines.

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