Blocked Drains Ellen Grove


Ellen Grove is an outer suburb of the City of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia located 20 kilometres southwest of the Brisbane Central Business District.

The suburb was settled in 1959 and according to the 2011 Australian Census, it has a population of 2,529. The original landowner was R.P. Spinks who had a daughter named Ellen Dabing who would often play with local aboriginals in a grove of trees along Bullockhead Creek. The area was later known as Ellen’s Grove.

The reservoirs of Richland and Inala were built in the suburb to increase water pressure for residents in the surrounding areas. The Logan Motorway partially marks the suburb’s southern boundary and the Centenary Highway goes through the suburb from north to south.

Just like most suburbs in Brisbane, Ellen Grove is rich in greenery with lots of plants and trees surrounding the area, but blocked drains can be a common problem. One of the chief causes of drainage blockage is tree roots. They can enter a pipe through cracks which are caused by movement in the ground, fault in material used, improper installation, or mainly because of huge tree roots that can severely damage even the sturdiest of pipes.

Sand and silt can also cause drainage blockage as they often enter pipes, mostly through stormwater drains. We use a hydrojetter which works excellently in flushing away the debris to unblock the pipe.

Blocked drains can be very unpleasant especially at home because it prevents wastewater from leaving your household or property. If you’re having some trouble in flushing your toilet or if you see that water drains away slowly, this could be a sign of blockage in your pipelines.

These blocked drains need not be a problem in Ellen Grove. Just call Drain Cleaning Brisbane at 07 3667 8003, and you’ll be assured of immediate assistance and excellent services.