Blocked Drains Enoggera Reservoir

EnoggeraReservoir and surrounding suburbs

Enoggera Reservoir is an outer suburb of City of Brisbane which is situated approximately 8 kilometers north-west of the Brisbane Central District and adjoining the Moreton Bay Region and The Gap. The village or most of the population is concentrated in the neighborhood of Peewee Bend and based on the 2011 Australian census recorded a population of 24 residents. The suburb was named after the first major dam of Queensland which was the Enoggera Reservoir dam buit in 1866. The said dam in located within the area. The Reservoir damn supplies sufficient water to neighboring suburbs in the located in the area.

Just like the purpose of the reservoir damn to supply the water that each household needs through an effective inflow and outflow of water through major ducts and water lines, each household should also ensure that water runs smoothly from the source to its destination. Clogs can occur in the main lines or secondary lines of the house. Tree roots are main culprits considering that the topography of the area is ruled by mature and high trees. These roots drill its way in the underground ducts causing a degree of damage. The cracks invite sand, sediments and deposits causing an obstruction in the flow of water especially in older homes. New dwellings’ sources of clog drains include long strands of hair buildup in bathroom drains. As these hair clumps become larger, it prevents water from running smoothly causing it to shoot up the source. Grease and oil mixed with food particles can also get nasty when these slither down the kitchen sinks and these make up clogged drains inside every households.

Should any of the Enoggera Reservoir residents experience slow draining pipes or standing water, please don’t hesitate to call DCB on 07 3667 8003 anytime.