Blocked Drains Ferny Grove

FernyGrove and surrounding suburbs

Ferny Grove is an outer residential suburb and is 12 kilometers north-west of central Brisbane.  The suburb is directly south of Kedron Brook, and its local government area is the Brisbane City council. The size of the suburb is approximately 4 kilometers containing 8 parks which are 13% of the entire area.

The region was distinguished due to its pleasant picnic grounds along the banks of Kedron Brook and hefty areas of forest and fern filled valleys, which contributed to the name of the suburb. The area started to concentrate on industrialization during the 60s including large claypit and tile factories. When these were closed down, the suburb started its path of large scale residential development. The population reached 5,609 which was documented during the 2011 Australian census.

With the area dominated by trees and greenery, roots are basically dominating the inner layer of the land. These roots continue to dig deep underground until it reaches the pipes entering its cracks and openings. These roots causes the cracks to become larger forming a ball of living clog preventing water to run smoothly. Sand and silt deposits reduce the efficiency of drains causing it to flow back to the source which are usually households and establishments. As it may sound counterintuitive, not all liquids can be poured down the kitchen sinks. Oil, grease and fat may condense in the walls of the pipes underneath the sinks as it fuses to other substances. When this happens, it will prevent waste water to flow to its destination. Water that is being backed up the source is much dirtier which would be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria that can be a health and safety issue.

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