Blocked Drains Fig Tree Pocket

FigTreePocket and surrounding suburbs

Fig Tree Pocket is a residential suburb on the Brisbane River which is 8 kilometers south-west of Brisbane CBD. The name was believed to have originated from a huge fig tree present when the reserve was formed in 1866. Brisbane River surrounds the three sides of the suburb forming a land pocket. The suburb had the highest resident weekly income of any Brisbane suburbs based on the 1996 statistics. It gained the 6th position in 2001 after Newstead, Hamilton, Paddington and Pullenvale. Australian Census also recorded a population of 3,652 in 2011.

Today, the area has been considered an exclusive riverside suburb with large sections dominated by trees and parks. Tree roots are mostly established in the inner layer of the ground as they continuously seek to find more nourishments including water to sustain growth. They may end up reaching the cracks and openings of underground pipes, they eventually will form a big clog which leads to hitches in the flow of water. Every household will also experience blocked drains primarily caused by many factors including grease, fats and small food particles which are slithered down these passageways. When they buildup, uncleansed waste water shoots up which could be harmful to owners and residents. Hair strands and soap suds get caught on the drainage pipes and clumps. As this further aggravates, the water removal rate begins to slow. Paper and other materials which should not be flushed down toilet drains also occurs, these materials will not breakdown easily and will lead to poor flushing or no flush at all.

We can never be always prepared or ready for these drain cleaning issues, good thing Fig Tree Pocket residents can rely with DCB for immediate assistance. You may contact them on 07 3667 8003.