Blocked Drains Forest Lake

ForestLake and surrounding suburbs

Forest Lake was the very first Master Planned Community within the City of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. It is located approximately 19 kilometres from the Brisbane Central Business District.

The suburb is a successful mix of wildlife and residential development and has garnered numerous awards for its excellence in design. The suburb has a population of 22, 426 according to the 2011 Australian Census. In 2001, the developer of Forest Lake, Delfin, was absorbed into Lend Lease. Now they are developing the Springfield Lake Master Planned Community together under the name, Delfin Lend Lease.

The master planned community offers residential, commercial, educational, retail, sports/recreational, and retirement uses. It was also considered as an instrumental development in providing affordable housing in Australia. The whole community is linked by an extensive network of pedestrian and cycle lanes which are integrated into the large open space road network.

The suburb has a series of neighbourhoods known as villages and each was separately marketed and features an entry statement. The main attraction of Forest Lake is an $8.9 million, 10.9 hectare man-made recreational lake which was completed and opened in 1994.

Being a master planned community with various residential, commercial and many other developments, blocked drains can be a common problem. Foreign objects or debris can be gathered from restaurants or other shops and even from the household. Grease from commercial and even home kitchens is one of the major causes of blockage in the drainage system because once it builds up, it will only leave a small opening for the waste to pass through; though commercial kitchens usually have a grease trap which catches the grease before it reaches the sewers. These grease traps should be pumped out regularly to avoid grease build up.

These blocked drains need not be a problem in a master planned community like Forest Lake. But if you encounter such problems, don’t hesitate to contact Drain Cleaning Brisbane at 07 3667 8003, for immediate assistance and efficient solutions.