Blocked Drains Gaythorne

Gaythorne is a residential suburb which is 8 kilometers northwest of The Brisbane CentralGaythorne and surrounding suburbs district. It is bordered by Kedron Brook in the north, Prospect road in the west and Enoggera Park in the east side. It is located in the slopes of the Enoggera Hill. The suburb’s name was derived from a property owned by Howard Spencer Bliss. The district and railway station were formerly known as Rifle Range due to its proximity to the Enoggera rifle range until it was changed to its current name in 1923. The suburbs population reached 2,655 last 2011 as recorded by the Australian census where 11.80% of its residents worked in defense due to its proximity to military camps.

The area has been immersed with suburban dwellings and families continue to reside in this place. A very common nuisance is clogged drains. Most drain clogs result when dirt, skin flakes, especially hair clumps and soap scum on the lining of the pipelines. Over time, these accumulate and solidify causing unwanted obstructions in the water flow. Kitchen sink drains clog as well when cooking grease or oil are washed down causing stubborn, junky congestions. There are also foreign materials like paper products which are placed intentionally or unintentionally along drains which congeal in the sewers causing a back flow which are troublesome and would entail a lot of effort if no immediate action is done.

If drain cleaning would be your pressing need in Gaythorne, please call DCB at 07 3667 8003.