Blocked Drains Gordon Park

Gordon Park is a residential area in the middle of Brisbane’s northern suburbs and theGordonPark and surrounding suburbs smallest suburb located 6 kilometers north of central Brisbane. It is U-shaped, surrounded by Kedron Brook on its east and south.  The suburb was named after General Gordon who was the hero of the eight-month siege of Khartoum in the Sudan in 1890. Most of the names in the suburb relate to General Gordon, the armies he served with, and their sphere of operation. In the mid-1980s residents pushed to retain the locality name after concern that it could fade out of use.

According to the 2011 Australian census, the suburb’s population reached 4,015. Over 37% of households in this area consist of couples with children, 40% are couples without children and 18% are single parent families. Standalone house account for 65% of all dwellings in this area, and units account for a further 28%. High set Queenslanders, mostly beautifully modernized, are a feature of this green and leafy suburb. It is very likely that each homeowner will experience a form of drain blockage within their dwellings. Due to the region’s topography, tree roots are drawn to the nearest source of water which are found within cracks or openings of underground pipelines causing severe obstruction of water supply. Leaves and debris are also carried into these drains which will eventually lead to unwanted blockage. Choked drainage can also occur when foreign materials or objects such as soap, fats or food build up are caught within the water flow lines which are usually found in bathroom and kitchen sinks of every household.

Residents of Gordon Park need not to worry, if you are in need of drain cleaning assistance, please call DCB at 07 3667 8003 immediately.