Blocked Drains Graceville

Graceville and surrounding suburbs

Graceville is a residential suburb which is bordered by the Brisbane River in the eastern and western sides. It is a several kilometers to its nearby suburb of Indooroopilly and 7.8 km south-west of Brisbane CBD. The suburb was named after Grace Grimes, the daughter of Samuel Grimes, a former local Member of Parliament who was very supportive on the Ipswich-Brisbane railway line. The 2011 Australian Census recorded a population of 4,213 residents.

The area’s location and dwelling stocks have become very attractive to real estate, although some Queenslanders styled houses are still built; most have been removed to permit multi-unit development. Certain houses contain old and abating pipelines which when damaged may invite sand and other foreign substances to build up causing choked waterlines. When these occur, water will not flow evenly and at times cause water to back out to the source. These waters may bring harmful bacteria which could potentially affect the health of household owners. Fat and oily substances often go down the drain uncontrollably; these condense and stick on the pipes underneath. It then solidifies narrowing the passageway of any form of liquid going to its destination. This can cause severe nuisance to household and establishment owners if not given immediate action. Other malefactors include hair and soap scums rapidly flushed down bathroom drains which over time creates a blockage of water to flow into the main sewage system.

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