Blocked Drains Grange

Grange, a residential inner-northern suburb, is five km north-west of central Brisbane. ItGrange and surrounding suburbs is immediately located south of Kedron Brook. In the 1860s the Grange tannery started operations, using the brook as a vent, and in 1903 the Grange Estate, comprised of 16 perch house lots, was put up for sale. The name of the suburb followed on from this, although it took a few years before residential surge reached suburban extents. Prior to the influx of European settlers, the area was comprised of ranges of open grassland and thinly wooded plains. Urban development of the area began in 1903 with the subdivision of T. K. Peate’s property into the Grange Estate. The name of the suburb is derived from that of Peate’s property: the name is believed to be an Old English word meaning granary.

Majority of the houses in the suburb are of the Queenslander architectural style. The houses are rather exquisite and expensive because of their outstanding views of Brisbane city. There are wide spread linear parks along Kedron Brook, which includes Grange Forest Park, and in the middle of the suburb there is Lanham Park which houses sports facilities and a bowling club. As modernization and constructions continue to rise, there are instances when these lead to damaged or crack pipes underneath. Tree roots within the area find its way through these openings causing serious clogs in the water flow. Homeowners also experience drain clogs in their kitchen sinks due to cooking grease and fats poured down these descends. These substances over time accumulate causing it to stick inside of the pipes until such time that no liquid could pass through. Ground-up food from garbage disposals can also get stuck causing unwanted stubborn obstructions.

Grange residents with annoying problems related to drain cleaning can immediately call DCB at 07 3667 8003. We will ensure effective and quick response to this issue.