Blocked Drains Greenslopes

Greenslopes and surrounding suburbs

Greenslopes is a suburb of the City of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia which is located just 5 kilometres southeast of the Brisbane Central Business District. The area is mostly residential with a few commercial and light industrial developments. The land was originally owned by Frederick Wecker in 1857 and named the area Greenslopes because of its green pastures. The suburb’s population recorded in the 2011 Census is 8, 565.

Many of the houses in the area are pre-war construction ‘character homes.’ These pre-war homes are recognized by the Brisbane City Council as valuable to the identity of the suburb and are reflective of its traditional architecture which keeps the heritage alive in its streetscape. Though, two and three-story walk-up apartments are also becoming a trend.

One of Brisbane’s largest hills, Stephens Mountain, is located in the suburb between the Greenslopes Private Hospital and the Greenslopes busway station. Greenslopes Mall on Logan Road is their local shopping centre.

Stones Corner is a neighbourhood within the suburb which is known for its diverse ethnic communities, with various food outlets and several restaurants and cafes, mostly European and Middle-Eastern cuisines.

Suburbs like these with houses built before the 1980’s often have hard and brittle pipes made of earthenware that easily crack, allowing tree roots to enter and damage the pipelines, and thus causing terrible drainage blockage. Since the suburb also has some commercial and industrial areas, other possible causes of drainage blockage can be grease, hair, sand and silt, and foreign objects or debris that can’t be properly flushed down resulting to blockage in the pipelines.

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